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Seasonal Produce Inspires Chefs & Bakers
Farmers’ Markets offer customers & foodies a rich selection of flavours, colours, textures and varieties of local fresh produce throughout the growing season. If you listen, you can hear the collective excitement about local produce & the food memories & inspirations they evoke as we journey through the growing season; like strawberries in June and peaches in August. Chefs and bakers are inspired to tweak favorite recipes and find creative ways to offer local fresh produce through their menus and prepared foods. 

We asked food producers on our Market to reflect on some of their favourite summer/early fall creations.  

EAT Ramon (Eat Industries Inc.) loves coming across hard to find varieties like Buttrum’s incredible selection of peppers that included the Japanese Shishito.  

Cake & Loaf’s sweet Scones were all about featuring Ontario berries and stone fruits (including apricots).  

Salar from Pokeh – “I'd say strawberries - local in season strawberries are so much better than imported ones and have the real strawberry flavour. Shayne used them to create the Basil Berry Bowl with local sour cherries and strawberries.”  

Anna from Market Café says that William’s Brothers is the go to for all her essentials like cabbage for her classic Cabbage Rolls and tomatoes for the red sauce in her famous Schnitzel Sandwiches.  

Filomena at Lina’s European Pastries uses Ontario carrots in her traditional Carrot Cake and her Italian Bruschetta Pizza (vegan) features fresh Ontario tomatoes.  

Vinnie’s Fresh Pasta offers an assortment of fresh pastas and sauces flavored with fresh local ingredients such as green spinach & red pepper pastas and Pesto Sauce made with local celery & basil all sourced from the MARKET.  
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