Vendor Information
Cart Information

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market is seeking vendors for the Market Cart Program.

Vendor Eligibility

The Market Cart Program is primarily for local artisan made products and crafts. Packaged local and non-local foods that are not already available in the Market will also be considered.
Vendor selection will be chosen in the following order:

  1. Local Artisans / Crafters
  2. Distributor of Local Art / Craft products
  3. Distributor of other Art / Craft products
  4. Local Food Artisan of Packaged Foods Not Available in Market
  5. Distributor of Locally Produced Packaged Foods Not Available in Market
  6. Distributor of Packaged Foods Not Widely Available in Market
Application Process

Set up an appointment to review your products and discuss your participation with the Market Manager. Vendors may operate more than one cart at a time, subject to selection criteria.
The Market Manager may ask to visit studios of vendors to ensure product is hand produced locally and/ or request receipts of original raw materials purchased for the production of artisan goods.
Other factors considered in the selection of vendors include:

  • The quality and nature of products
  • Cart availability
  • Past performance
  • Any other factor considered to be in the best interest of the Market.

The Market Cart vendor selection will be determined at the discretion of the Market Manager.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Slowka, Market Manager
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2097

Market Cart Program

All products being sold in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market must comply with applicable Municipal, Provincial and Federal regulations regarding labeling, measures, health, and safety. Compliance with these regulations is the responsibility of the vendor.

The Market Manager assigns all cart locations

  • All carts must be located in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market or on the sidewalk directly beside and parallel to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market’s glass exterior. Carts are not allowed on the curb.
  • Cart locations must be accepted as assigned.
  • Vendors are not permitted to move carts from their assigned area. Doing so may result in immediate disqualification from the Market Cart Program.
  • Vendors must operate their carts within the regular hours of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market hours. After-hours operations will not be permitted unless approved by the Market Manager for special events.
  • Vendors cannot sub-lease a cart.
2016 Daily Rental Fees
  • Insurance is included with rental fees.
  • Vendors will be invoiced
Day Dates Rental Fee
Tuesday Year-round dates available at Manager's discretion $35
Thursday Year-round dates available at Manager's discretion $35
Friday Year-round dates available at Manager's discretion $35
Saturday Year-round dates available at Manager's discretion $50
Cart Information

Vendors must have a valid business license, if applicable.

  • A Market Cart is approximately 15 square feet - 3 ft. x 5 ft. surface area
  • Market Carts are custom made to replicate traditional European Market Carts.
  • Vendors are allowed to:
    • bring vertical shelving to place in cart
    • hang items off the cart
    • store items underneath the cart
Cart Information