Folk Art Prints

Phone: 289-933-1632
Accepts: Cash Credit Debit
Upper Level

Unique artisan items imported from India.

Folk Art Prints is currently closed.

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Section of fabrics


Selling hand-printed tapestries, hand-printed bed covers, tablecloths, table runners, pillowcases, napkins, sofa covers, etc.. Hand printed fabrics with Indigo blue & vegetable dye. Hand embroidered cushion covers, wall hangings. Tie-dye scarves, silk scarves, hand-printed scarves & Embroidered cotton Tunics. We also sell designer Aprons made with hand-loomed and hand-printed fabrics. Reversible two-layer wrap around silk skirts are our unique item. 

What We Offer:

  • Original & authentic curry powder imported from India
  • Curry leaves
  • Embroidered cotton tunics