Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board of Directors typically meet on the first Monday of every month at 5:00pm. Meeting agendas are posted 72 hours in advance of scheduled Board meetings.

Below you will find the current year’s Board meeting schedule with links to relevant meeting documents. We welcome all Market shoppers and members of the public to attend Board meetings as guests.

Important meeting notice:

April’s board meeting has been rescheduled from April 5 to April 12 due to Easter Monday.

2021 Meeting Schedule

4 January: Agenda | Minutes | Meeting Documents

1 February: Agenda | Minutes | Meeting Documents

1 March: Agenda | Minutes | Meeting Documents

12 April: Agenda | Minutes | Meeting Documents

↳ To join the meeting by internet video-conference, click on this link.
Meeting details: Enter meeting # 185 260 1009 and password TYxferMP275

Notice: The April 12, 2021 meeting of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Board of Directions ended at 5:50pm due to a dropped host connection and was not resumed due to lack of public notice on how to re-join.

3 May

7 June

5 July

2 August

6 September

4 October

1 November

6 December

Policies, bylaws, meeting agendas and materials and minutes, financial statements, and other relevant information is available online via our public file share.