Market Cart Program

The City of Hamilton is currently seeking vendors for the Hamilton Farmers’ Market “Market Cart Program”. As a historic community gathering place, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market provides opportunities for local artisans and craftspeople to sell unique items in a market setting.

What type of vendor is the priority? The primary content for the Market Cart Program will be local artisan made products and crafts. Packaged local and non-local foods that are not available in the Market will also be considered.

Selection of vendors and their products will be made in the following priority:

  1. Local Artisans / Crafters / Producer
  2. Distributor of Local Art / Craft products 
  3. Distributor of other Art / Craft products
  4. Local Food Artisan of Packaged Foods
  5. Distributor of Packaged Products 

Quick Facts:

  • A Market Cart is approximately 15 Square Feet (3’ x 5’) in surface area.
  • The Market Carts are custom made to replicate traditional European Market Carts.
  • Vendors are permitted to bring vertical shelving to place in cart, to hang items off cart and to store items underneath.
  • All signage or floor space outside of the cart is subject to approval by the Market Office.
15 Square Feet (3’ x 5’) surface area displayed on the Market Cart

Application Process: 

Please request a Hamilton Farmers’ Market (HFM) Cart Application package. You can download the Application package below, pick one up from the HFM office, or request a package via email: (905-546-2424 x 2097).  You can submit your application via email or drop it off in person to the HFM Office.

As part of the application review process, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market Manager may ask to visit studios of vendors to ensure the product is hand-produced locally and/or request receipts of original raw materials purchased for the production of artisan goods.

Please download the 3 documents to begin the application process:

2023 – Market Cart Vendor Information

2023 – Market Cart Vendor Application Form

2023 – Criminal Record Check – Attestation Form

If you are looking for a more permanent spot in the Market, check out our Vendor Stall Options.


Bill Slowka, Market Manager
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2097