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Celebrate The 60-Year Anniversary of Sam’s Cheese And Meats

A Market Milestone – Sam’s Cheese and Meats is celebrating their 60th year at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market! Sam’s Cheese and Meats has been proudly providing the Hamilton community with the finest cheeses and deli meats, Canadian and imported from around the world. 

In honour of their 60-year anniversary, Sam’s Cheese and Meats & the Hamilton Farmers’ Market invites all customers to the Market on Saturday April 6th, 2019 from 10:30am to 1:00pm to join in the celebration! Sam’s Cheese and Meats is located on the lower level of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market at 35 York Blvd in downtown Hamilton. All products will be discounted 10% for their 60th anniversary. 


Founded in 1959 by Sam and Carmela Buscarino, Sam’s Cheese & Meats has proudly served the Hamilton community for the past 60 years as part of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market. In 1988, Sam’s daughters, Pierina Legedza and Lina Holstein took over the family business and proudly operate it with their children who are the third generation.

Today, as a long-term vendor in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market they pride themselves on meeting the diverse needs of their many customers and are the supplier to many Hamilton restaurants. Come experience the exceptional quality & cheese selection at Sam’s, including both Canadian and International, as well as their olive bar, deli and prize-winning bacon.