Upcoming Events

Hamilton Farmers’ Market – Public Workshop

Come join us on Saturday, November 12th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm to provide your feedback on programming and design opportunities for the Hamilton Farmers Market! All are welcome!

Building off the insights gained from the public open house in September, this public placemaking workshop invites participants to use the “Place Game” tool to evaluate the existing Hamilton Farmers’ Market and generate specific programming and design ideas for both the market building and its surrounding public spaces. The workshop will begin with an introductory presentation, followed by the place evaluation activity in and around the market. We’ll wrap up with small groups reporting back their ideas to the larger group.

*** Please note that while everyone is invited to join, given the format of the activity, only those who RSVP and arrive on time to the workshop will be guaranteed participation in the Place Game activity.

Drop-in visitors will be welcome to join if we have not yet reached capacity. For latecomers, please feel free to join and observe the session.

Please register here: Event link: https://hamiltonfarmersmarket.eventbrite.com