Market News

Market Parking Update

Dear Market Patrons,

Beginning September 1st, there will be some changes with how you receive the Market’s 1-Hour of Free Parking.

The program will continue all Market days and hours, but the process will change due to the Parkade becoming automated. Your transaction will be handled by parking machines being installed within the Parkade.

You will no longer need to bring a physical ticket in to the Market. Simply, enter your license plate information, complete the transaction and your first hour will be free.

The process at the Parkade machines will be as follows:

  1. Enter your license plate number.
  2. Press the labelled button on the parking meter that says, “Farmers’ Market” (you will receive one hour free).
  3. To purchase additional time in 30- minute increments, continue pressing the Farmers’ Market button.
  4. Insert your method of payment.
  5. Press to confirm payment.

The Farmers’ Market button will only function during Market days and hours.

On Special Event days, there will be NO one hour of free parking. The entire facility will switch to special event parking automatically and the Farmers’ Market button will not function.

The Parkade will begin posting signage to inform customers of the upcoming changeover to automation. We will also have signs in the Market to inform patrons. Please see right for a sample.

Thank you for visiting the Market.


The Hamilton Farmers’ Market