Market News

Market vendors featured on CHCH Morning Live

CHCH Morning Live’s Tim Bolen recently visited the Hamilton Farmers’ Market to take a tour of some of the delicious food options that are available in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

His first stop was at Bring Me Some, located on the lower level of the Market. Tim got the opportunity to speak with co-owner, Celina Masoudi, and chef, Kerry Sobers, to learn how they come up with their 100% vegan fast food recipes and hilarious names. Looking to order a “Chick-eel O’neil” with a side order of “[Julius] Cesar, Romaine Calm”? Look no further.

Watch the full segment here:

With so much more to explore, Tim returned for a second time to learn about curing salmon and trout with Josh Charbonneau at Joshy’s Good Eats (located on the lower level), classic dutch fritters with a modern twist with Chef Matthew Agbetiafa at The Fritter Shop (located on the upper level), and tacos and tamales made with love with Paola Viniegra at The Mexican Kitchen (located on the lower level). Whether you are looking for something sweet or something savory, the Market has got you covered!

Watch the full segment here: