Market News

New Vendor – Joshy’s Good Eats

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market is pleased to welcome Joshy’s Good Eats! A new purveyor of cured fish, Joshy’s Good Eats quickly became a Farmers’ Market staple across the GTHA and will now be a permanent fixture at the HFM.

As a Chef who found himself out of work due to the pandemic, owner and operator Joshua Charbonneau took advantage of the opportunity to open a business of his own where he can share his passion for seafood.

Joshy’s Good Eats’ winning reputation lies in his cured fish recipes – specifically, his Salmon Gravlax and Steelhead Trout Gravlax. Carefully cured in a gin bath, followed by a crust of kosher salt and brown sugar, Joshua then scrapes off the cure and applies some of his hit flavourings including Lemon-dill, Pastrami, Beet cured and Maryland Spiced Trout.

And don’t forget the accoutrements! Joshy’s Good Eats will also be carrying Sourdough bagels from Barton General, whipped cream cheeses and pickles.

Find Joshy’s Good Eats in the #RealFoodCourt on the lower level of the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.