Vendor Information
Stall Information

As an historic community gathering place, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market offers opportunities for farmers, food producers and food distributors. The Market has approximately 65 vendors plus a daily Market Cart rental program for artisans.

2017 Stall Fees

There are two different stall options for the Hamilton Farmers’ Market:

  • Standard frontage - $25.09 per square foot/ year + HST
  • Premium frontage - $28.22 per square foot / year + HST
    * Width and depth of stalls vary in size.

Example standard frontages stall leasing calculation:
20 ft. x 15 ft. stall = 300 square feet
300 sq. ft. x $25.09 = $7527 per year
$7527 / 12 months = $627.25 per month

Stall Information
  • All stalls are equipped with electrical outlets and usage is measured by a metering system. Each will be directly billed for the energy consumed within their stall. Overhead lighting is provided by the Market.
  • Coolers, refrigeration and all furniture and fixtures are the responsibility of the vendor to provide.
  • There is a valance system in place for all signage. The signage must be 18 inches tall and can vary in length dependent on the vendor’s design. Signage is the responsibility of the vendor.
  • The Market has a loading dock for vendors short term use to deliver goods.
  • The Market does not provide parking for vendors.
For more information, please contact:

Bill Slowka, Market Manager
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2097