Market News

Why Shop at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market?

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market is made up of over 55+ different vendors. Each of these vendors provides different products for you to shop from, including; fresh produce, cheese, meats, flowers, handmade items, baked treats, delicious meals, and more. When you purchase from a vendor in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market you are supporting a small or independent business. 

What are the benefits of purchasing from a small business? 

Interaction With The Business Owner: 

Behind each of these vendor stalls in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market is a hard-working owner or team that puts in a lot of hours and time to provide their customers with a unique experience. Their commitment to their business and customers typically puts them in a more hands-on role within the company. It provides you (the customer) the feeling that a real person is behind the business. It puts a face to the name of the business and you meet someone who cares more about giving their customers a quality product or service, over just taking hard their earned dollars. 

More Personalized Customer Service: 

Small store owners are eager to go above and beyond in their customer service support. Each business in the Market is run by people – not by stockholders, not by algorithms. You get a diverse category of care and quality in your experience shopping; because your experience reflects their business. A small business owner wants to make sure you’ll return to purchase from them, so they are going to make your experience shopping special and memorable. 

Benefits The Hamilton Community: 

A small business cares about the neighbourhood they’re running a business in. The businesses inside the Hamilton Farmers’ Market helps contribute to developing the growing downtown core in Hamilton. Locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, which enriches the community overall. 

The Market Businesses Support Each Other: 

The Market community is a family of 55+ vendors who are all small business owners supporting each other. Everyday you will see vendors collaborating, whether they are buying products from each other; or purchasing ingredients to include in their lunch dish. The Hamilton Farmers’ Market is a completely unique atmosphere made up of small & independent business owners. 

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market encourages you to come shop and support the small businesses in the Market. Make supporting local businesses in your community an everyday occurrence. We’re open Tues/Thurs/Fri from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm & Sat 7:00am to 5:00pm. One hour of Free Parking available across the road at the York Blvd Parkade.  See you at the Market!