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Earth Day – Sustainability Spotlight

In honour of Earth Day and Earth Month, let’s visit Apothecary Kitchen, owned and operated by Kristy Van Beek, in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

It was always Kristy’s vision to create a company with sustainability being a top priority. In Apothecary Kitchen, she has built a low-waste business of vegan grocery products and ready to eat meals.

All of the refrigerated meals come in Bernardin jars that are fully reusable and recyclable. Apothecary Kitchen will buy back empty jars so they can be washed, sterilized and refilled. Did you know, the round disc at the top of the jar is recycled and the ring and glass are reused?

Takeout soup is provided in fully recyclable containers with the goal of switching to compostable containers.

A plant-based diet is a sustainable one because there is less agricultural land use, it produces less waste and there are fewer greenhouse gases emitted. A vegan diet can reduce a person’s carbon footprint by 40% or more! Kristy encourages folks to choose plant based meals as often as they can. 

Check out the Vegan Bingo Challenge, on now until Saturday, April 30th! Click here for details. You could win a gift basket of goodies from the participants!